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Making Soap in the Kitchen

It has been four months now since i made my first soap and what I can say is that I am happy I did. I had been mulling over it quit a bit and reading a lot about it. I finally took the next step and went ahead and made some. Am happy to say that the experience has been worth all the try.

The soap turned out better than I had expected and since then I have made several batches that I have been proud of and happy to give out as gifts to impressed family and friends. Am still learning and trying to perfect the art. I am over the moon now that I have mastered how to use and interpret the soap calculator, which has been an invaluable tool in helping me formulate fantastic soap recipes.

Making soap at home is a wonderful skill to learn. It is a nice hobby to have which am afraid is quickly turning out into an addiction 😀 and my kitchen is slowly being taken over by soaping, but am loving every bit of it.

The reasons for making soap in my kitchen are obvious, but i will mention them anyway. For a long time I had been aware that shop bought soap was not the best for the skin, what of the harsh additives, preservatives, fillers and colorings used? I did not like the chocking, synthetic fragrances that were always in all the soaps that I bought, and i definitely wasn’t happy chucking out at least 100bob for 100g of soap which i thought was way too expensive for such poor quality soap that did not last at all.

So I went ahead and read a bit about soap making and when I had enough courage, I made the soap. I was amazed how easy it was. I found the supplies readily available and learn’t that if I search well enough, I will get fats and oils that are locally available and so making my soaping sustainable.

One such great oil is coconut oil. I am glad that this wonderful oil is locally available in good quality and quantity. I also think that tallow which has traditionally been used by man to make soap for centuries can easily be sourced. What of the many butcheries and slaughter houses around. All these are great reasons to make soap right in the kitchen.


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