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Making Peanut Butter Without an Electric Machine




As far back as I can remember, we’ve always had peanut butter at home. Making it at home has been the norm and we’ve always never used an electric appliance. Now that I have my own young family, why not make mine too? It’s very easy and the results are always good every time.

Why peanut butter? For obvious reasons it is very nutritious and delicious. So without taking this any further let’s make some peanut butter 🙂

Things you need

  • Frying pan
  • Pestle and mortar
  • A spoon
  • A table knife
  • An empty jar


  • Peanuts
  • Salt (optional)
  • Vegetable cooking oil preferably sunflower oil

Start by roasting peanuts on a pan on medium flame. Be careful not to overcook them as by doing that will make the butter be with a burnt flavour. When cooked, remove from the flame and set the pan aside to completely cool down to room temperature. As the nuts cool you will hear the crackling sound 🙂 an indication that they are still cooking. Also enjoy the nice aroma of the nuts filling your house.

After the nuts have cooled, transfer them into your mortar and pounding softly grind the peanuts into a paste. It took me less than 20 min to reach my desired medium because I like my peanut butter a bit coarse. If you like yours smooth, continue pestling!

Next transfer the paste into a clean jar. Add a pinch of salt to season. If you don’t like salt you can leave it out, no problem. But you also should know that a little salt is important as it keeps the butter from turning rancid or going bad faster. In the jar add a few drops of vegetable cooking oil and mix the butter into a consistency that you like. I like mine not too runny so a few drops does the trick.

Finally, you have your very own homemade peanut butter without the use of an electric machine. Enjoy!




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Banana Jam with Baobab Fruit Powder

Ever since, I’ve always wanted to make jam but for some reason or the other I always pushed it aside. One big reason was the thought of it being a difficult thing to do. Back in the day, in my Food Science course, I remember us doing a class on jam and actually making jam. To say the truth, it was a disappointing experience because what I remember is endlessly boiling some concoction that included a little fruit, lots of filler material, preservatives, colors and other chemicals. I guess the main idea was to teach us to be able to work in a large food processing plant and to be conversant with the science of making commercial jams and the like. But the thing is, I just want to make some jam that I and my family will use, and maybe give out some to friends.

mango jam

mango jam

Making tasty jam is not so hard. It’s actually very easy and you can make it right in your kitchen. Am happy I finally made some jam this weekend. I read and watched some recipe’s online. I liked Titli’s recipe on making jam which was very simple and easy. I went ahead and tried it. It turned out so lovely and tasty, with more of the fruit and none of the additives that we were taught of in class. I did mango jam and it turned out surprisingly well. then on Sunday I was super excited about my success and went ahead and made banana jam with baobab fruit powder. It turned out so well that I haven’t stopped having a spoonful every now and then ever since.

banana jam with baobab fruit powder

can’t resist having it, the ever so tasty banana jam with baobab fruit powder.

How did I come to include the baobab powder into the banana jam? Purely by chance! I had always known that the baobab fruit powder has amazing health benefits and most importantly, it has abundantly high pectin levels which is important in making quality jam.  Getting pectin had always been a challenge because in Mombasa you just can’t walk into a supermarket and buy it in a sachet, I’ve looked for it everywhere; then suddenly I stumble on the fact that I can substitute the commercial pectin with the 100% natural organic baobab fruit powder(which is abundantly available in Mombasa) and will work as well as its counterpart or even better as it has the numerous health benefits, I was obviously excited.


Banana baobab powder jam on toast brown bread

So I went to the market and bought the baobab powder, 8 ripe bananas and 1 fresh lemon and got down to making some banana jam. Making the jam was so easy, easier than making mango jam because the cooking time was so short. I think I used a total of 30 min in making the jam. It was that fast. The most satisfying thing is that it turned out so tasty and creamy, with the lovely banana flavor and the tangy baobab taste, just heavenly! I will certainly make more. One hint if you want to make tasty jam; make small batches, because in doing so you will use less cooking time and so you will have a jam that has the fruity qualities still in it.

100% natural organic baobab fruit powder available for USD23.00 per kilo  

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