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How To Easily Extract Aloe Vera gel In Your Kitchen

Am sure we’ve all heard a lot about the Aloe Vera plant, a beautiful herb with amazing medicinal and health benefits. I also assume that you are familiar with its many fine qualities, especially to the skin ( to sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry skin, burns etc). For these reasons and more, aloe vera gel is the perfect natural ingredient for making luxurious skin and hair products (I will be making soap with it)


The other best reason for using this lovely plant is that it’s available in plenty in almost all areas of Kenya, especially the arid and semi arid places. Astonishingly, It grows as a weed in most places. Am always in awe of the resources our country is blessed with.

Without yapping too much 🙂 lets get on with extracting our aloe vera

Getting the gel from the leaf is a very simple and fast procedure. I start by spreading a few newspapers on the kitchen table to make cleaning easier afterwards. My reason for extracting the gel was for soap-making. I am sure you have an idea or two on what you will do with yours. One large leaf was sufficiently enough for me.

After harvesting the leaf, let it sit undisturbed for up to 20 min on a cup for the yellow substance (resin) to drip out. The yellow resin has a bitter taste and is irritating to the skin so discard that.

Using a knife, trim off the thorny edges. Then gently peel off the top layer of the leaf like you do when filleting a fish. Finally, using a spoon, scoop out the clear inner gel. Just extract what you will use because the gel is very perishable.

You now have your very own fresh aloe vera gel that you have extracted at home. Whatever your use for it will be, Enjoy!


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